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You can take the blue pill, get your complimentary version of T-SIM press room software, and dramatically improve new tooling setup time and production rates but go on living in bliss about what your existing tools are missing out on.

Or you can take the red pill and see the truth for yourself. You can finally answer that question which keeps you up at night, “What are my existing tools capable of?”

Just remember, once you go down this path and learn what your current jobs are capable of, you cannot go back. Your drive for excellence and improvement will continue to grow like a weed.

The choice is yours

Blue Pill

While you have chosen to accept the current rates of your existing tools, you are taking the first step by ensuring all new tools will set up quickly and launch at the highest possible production rate.

All you need to do is add one small line to your standards; “All new tool designs must include a T-SIM settings file for use with the press room version software” and claim your complimentary license for T-SIM Press Room Version Software below.

Get started now and claim your own version of T-SIM Press Room Software!

Red Pill

You have chosen to know the truth.

The path you must walk is simple:

  1. Identify your current bottlenecks and prioritize the jobs to make a solid business case
  2. Optimize with T-SIM Software
  3. Work towards the T-SIM Capable SPM and Track the Results
  4. Get T-SIM in your 2024 Budget
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  • Choose Blue Pill to ensure all new tools launch smoothly and at the highest production rates.
    Choose Red Pill if you are ready to learn the TRUTH about your current production capabilities.

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