About T-SIM Solutions: Creators of Transfer Simulation Software

3-D Solutions Design Service, LLC., a provider of software technology and services to the metal stamping industry, recognized a need for Digital Transfer Press Simulation over a decade ago. Corey Chamberlain, innovator and programmer at 3-D Solutions, remembers the beginning well, "Twelve years ago our team started by putting the press and die in full motion. We would save movie files and watch the die and press cycle. We asked ourselves how can this be used to find problems at tryout and home-line runoff?"

Development began on our tri-axis transfer simulation software and process, and the first beta version was born. For five years Transfer Simulation was performed as a service to check all the designs completed by 3-D Solutions. Customers immediately saw the benefits as resulting transfer dies had faster home-line runoffs and exceeded production rate goals.

By 2015 the 500th project was successfully run through Transfer Simulation. Word had spread globally on the benefits and cost savings to the metal stamping industry, and once again 3-D Solutions needed to make a change to meet the growing demand.

A new company was created, T-SIM Solutions. This helped separate Transfer Simulation from the other services and software products. Although the change was more clerical than one of ownership or staff, both the customers and the staff saw immediate benefits. Communication was more streamlined, technicians could now stay on task, and increased demands for Transfer Simulation could be met.

Soon customers wanted the same Digital Transfer Simulation completed on their own die designs, as well as designs completed by other outside sources. With customer feedback, and over 20,000 hours of development, the software and process continually improved and developed, and finally T-SIM Transfer Simulation Software is ready for launch in June of 2016.

Benefits of Transfer Simulation Software

  • Increased Profits
  • Less Headaches & Problems
  • Higher Production Rates
  • Fast ROI
  • Works with ANY press, ANY design, and ANY tri-axis transfer
  • Dies run crash free!

Providing the Quickest ROI

To date hundreds of simulations have been performed for companies located around the globe. The savings from production rate increases alone are over several million dollars. The service typically pays for itself during home-line runoff.

What Our Customers Say...

Now that you've read what WE say about ourselves, we invite you to read what our customers say about us. We're ready to help you improve your transfer press process!

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