Transfer Simulation Case Studies

Not only will T-SIM Software and Simulation Service help increase your stroke rate and overall production, but it will help you make informed decisions based on real data. Whether you have one specific tool that is giving you troubles or you are looking to increase productivity in all of your transfer tooling, we can help!

Over $1,000,000.00 saved on first (6) tools optimized using T-SIM.

The Project: Several transfer tools already running in production in one of their transfer presses (Existing Tooling)

The Need: To increase production speeds and reduce wear and tear on equipment.

The Problems:

  • Slow production speeds
  • Jerky bar movements
  • Press downtime due to equipment failures (burned out motors, sensor faults, etc.)

The Result:

  • Production rates increased
  • Bar movements are smoother, and part control has improved
  • Equipment maintenance reduced (even extending the life of a failing servo motor by optimizing G-Forces)
  • Continuing forward, over 1.5 million dollars saved on 10 tools in the first press. Even more on the way!

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We knew using T-SIM was going to have a huge impact after the first few improvements, not only in speed, but also for reducing wear and tear on the transfer rails. We completely paid for the software on the very first optimization we performed! -Gestamp Alabama

80% increase with minor tool modifications

The Project: 8 station 1-out Cross Member (mechanical press, servo transfer, Existing Tooling)

The Problem: Parts were stamping at cost in order to meet minimum parts required

  • Low production rate at 10 SPM
  • Part were stamping at cost (no profit)

The Result:

  • Increased production rate from 10 to 18 SPM (80% increase)
  • Parts now stamping with a good profit margin
  • More press time available (increased capacity)

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On our first project with T-SIM we gained 8 SPM! We went from 10 to 18 SPM, that's an 80% increase! - Can Yucel – Dostel Makina

Plant record for new die setup!

The Project: 6 station (2) out Bk Body Plr Inr Upr (New Tooling)

The Problem: Customer was having difficulties setting up new transfer dies

  • Excessive time spent positioning fingers for best panel control
  • Inadequate finger clearance issues
  • New dies required additional machining to make work
  • Setup personnel would have to create timing curves in the press rather than running production

The Result:

  • Die entered production within four hours of start of setup (new plant record).
  • Die immediately achieved the desired SPM rate, and as speed is ramped up press is “maxed-out” at 18 SPM
  • Panel movement is very smooth and controlled with no issues.
  • Designer, Builder, Stamper are very satisfied.

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On our first project the die entered production in record time and with a high SPM rate. We are very happy with the results. -L&W

They said it couldn’t be done!

The Project: 7 station transfer die (Existing Tooling)

The Problem: Transfer system could not run in automatic mode

  • Press required 8 operators, manually transferring material between strokes (4 inside of the press envelop)
  • Nobody could design end of arm tooling that could fit and run in such a tight space
  • Many unsuccessful attempts with a variety of arms (large die caused space restrictions)
  • Several outside vendors told said it couldn’t be solved

The Result:

  • 70% Increase in production speed.
  • 50% reduction in labor cost.
  • Safer working environment.

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Re-entering production with the new T-SIM settings and arms was somewhat of a spectator event. Everyone told us it couldn’t be done, but T-SIM software told us that it should work. We were all curious to plug in their settings and see if it would actually cycle. Sure enough, it worked. -Don Mekkes, Tooling Engineer

Bar Shake Eliminated and SPM increased

The Project: 15 station (2) out seat side member (Existing Tooling)

The Problem: Project was only able to run at the min 15 spm press speed and transfer bars were shaking significantly during the clamp in and out strokes putting excessive strain on the finger tooling and bars. Frequent shut-downs from die crashes and sensor faults from panels out of position

The Result: Bar shake was eliminated, SPM was increased by 20% (from 15 to 18 spm) with no physical changes to the tooling.

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Plug & Play! Our target was 17 SPM and we run at 20 SPM.

The Project: 6 station, coil fed, two-out transfer die (New Tooling)

The Problem: Many unsuccessful launch attempts with new transfer tooling

  • Most setups were spread out over several days
  • Never had a HLO in less than 8 hours
  • Multiple modifications would have to be done with the dies and transfer arms
  • Tooling would sometimes be shipped back to build shop for modifications

The Result:

  • Die entered production immediately and ran above desired stroke rates
  • Arms were prebuilt and plug and play.
  • Press operator had all the information they needed (including press & transfer settings) to enter production immediately
  • An hour to set die, and an hour to set fingers.
  • Target was 17 SPM and it ran it at 20 SPM

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This wasn’t a homerun, it was a GRAND SLAM! -Don Mekkes, Tooling Engineer

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