No More Stamping Parts with little to no profits!

80% increase with minor tool modifications

The Project: 8 station 1-out Cross Member (mechanical press, servo transfer, Existing Tooling)

The Problem: Parts were stamping at cost in order to meet minimum parts required

  • Low production rate at 10 SPM
  • Parts were stamping at cost (no profit)

The Solution:

  • T-SIM setup and simulated tooling with the current press/transfer settings
  • They analyzed existing g-forces during part movement, and then optimized transfer timing to improve SPM with only minor tool modifications. (Slight clearance added to dies)

The Result:

  • Increased production rate from 10 to 18 SPM (80% increase)
  • Parts now stamping with a good profit margin
  • More press time available (increased capacity)

On our first project with T-SIM we gained 8 SPM! We went from 10 to 18 SPM, that's an 80% increase! - Can Yucel – Dostel Makina

Let's do the Math

If you produce 250,000 parts annually for 5 years, and your press is running at 10 SPM, approximately how many press hours would be required annually?

Approx. 475 hours of press time required?

After T-SIM, those 250,000 parts could be fulfilled with approx. 290 press hours annually.

For easy Math, let’s say Press Production Cost is $500 per press hour.

Since we went from 10 SPM to 18 SPM, we saved approx. 185 press hours annually.

So, 185 saved press hours multiplied by $500/hr equals $92,500 in ANNUAL PRESS SAVINGS

Over the 5 year life of a tool, that is $462,500 in Press Savings. That’s almost a half a million dollars saving from one specific part, using one tool, and operating in one transfer press!

Imagine what your savings could be if you optimized 10 tools? What if you optimized all of your transfer tooling and now started scheduling more jobs to fill all your presses not being used? The possibilities are limitless.

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