Plug & Play! Our target was 17 SPM and we run at 20 SPM.

Launched in 2 hours and New Plant Record.

The Project: 6 station, coil fed, two-out transfer die (New Tooling)

The Problem: Many unsuccessful launch attempts with new transfer tooling

  • Most setups were spread out over several days
  • Never had a HLO in less than 8 hours
  • Multiple modifications would have to be done with the dies and transfer arms
  • Tooling would sometimes be shipped back to build shop for modifications

The Solution:

  • Being the first project with this specific transfer press, a T-SIM provider went on location to the North Carolina stamping plant to gather the basic press and transfer information. While on location, the T-SIM provider also took an inventory of the “unusable” arms that were tried in the transfer.
  • At that point, the T-SIM operator ran a full simulation and designed new arms/fingers using many of the “unusable” arm parts the customer had already purchased.
  • Once the end of arm tooling was designed, the T-SIM software operator then optimized the entire transfer system with the press, transfer, transfer bars/arms and of course, the die, to provide a new transfer timing recipe along with new setup sheets.
  • T-SIM Software provided proof of concept for the new arm design along with the settings to run it.
  • It all came together, entered production quickly and reached the maximum press speed.
  • We were even told there was a crowd for setup and the spectators resembled those of a space shuttle launch. Everyone sitting in suspense, waiting and watching for the take off. That’s just another day a T-SIM Solutions!

The Result:

  • Die entered production immediately and ran above desired stroke rates
  • Arms were prebuilt and plug and play.
  • Press operator had all the information they needed (including press & transfer settings) to enter production immediately
  • An hour to set die, and an hour to set fingers.
  • Target was 17 SPM and it ran it at 20 SPM

This wasn’t a homerun, it was a GRAND SLAM! -Don Mekkes, Tooling Engineer
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