New Transfer Tooling Setup is Easy With T-SIM Solutions

Plant record for new die setup!

The Project: 6 station (2) out Bk Body Plr Inr Upr (New Tooling)

The Problem: Customer was having difficulties setting up new transfer dies

  • Excessive time spent positioning fingers for best panel control
  • Inadequate finger clearance issues
  • New dies required additional machining to make work
  • Setup personnel would have to create timing curves in the press rather than running production

The Solution:

  • The new die design was ran through a T-SIM provider during the initial design phase (around 75%) in order to find and report bottlenecks along with all crash and clearance issues. All issues were clearly reported on the Corrective Action Report (CAR) and the T-SIM provider also made minor design suggestions to help improve the efficiency of the die.
  • Once the designers implemented the CAR items (approx. 95% design phase), the die design was re-checked by T-SIM software and Auto-Optimization was used to create best timing curves for smooth panel control and highest possible SPM rate.
  • Press settings and setup sheets showing exact finger positions were provided to setup personnel.

The Result:

  • Die entered production within four hours from the start of setup (new plant record).
  • Die immediately achieved the desired SPM rate, and as speed is ramped up press is “maxed-out” at 18 SPM
  • Panel movement is very smooth and controlled with no issues.
  • Designer, Builder, Stamper are very satisfied.

On our first project the die entered production in record time and with a high SPM rate. We are very happy with the results. -L&W
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