Over $ 1,000,000.00 saved on first (6) tools optimized using T-SIM.

The Project: Several transfer tools already running in production in one of their transfer presses (Existing Tooling)

The Need: To increase production speeds and reduce wear and tear on equipment.

The Problems:

  • Slow production speeds
  • Jerky bar movements
  • Press downtime due to equipment failures (burned out motors, sensor faults, etc.)

The Solution:

  • After successful pilots conducted by Gestamp NA’s corporate Die Technology team, T-SIM software was installed at the Alabama facility.
  • Customer began by adding one transfer press to T-SIM Software and chose a problematic, tool to optimize first.
  • From there, they continued with the rest of the tools in that first press starting with the higher volume ones first. Currently they are optimizing all of their existing tooling in all of their presses, and have begun reviewing new tooling as they receive it.

The Result:

  • Production rates increased
  • Bar movements are smoother, and part control has improved
  • Equipment maintenance reduced (even extending the life of a failing servo motor by optimizing G-Forces)
  • Continuing forward, over 1.5 million dollars saved on 10 tools in the first press. Even more on the way!

We knew using T-SIM was going to have a huge impact after the first few improvements, not only in speed, but also for reducing wear and tear on the transfer rails. We completely paid for the software on the very first optimization we performed! -Gestamp Alabama
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